What does ARCH stand for?

ARCH postcard

When I work with families many of them ask me what does ARCH stand for?  ARCH is an acronym for Adult Residential Care Home.  If an individual or family member is considering long term care for themselves or someone they know, an adult residential care home setting is an alternative to a nursing home.  The major difference is that a nursing home is a facility setting similar to a hospital environment.

At a nursing home there are in house doctors’,  therapist, nurses, and certified nurses aids available.  However, the draw back is that the ratio for nurse to patient care can be 1 nurse to 10 or more patients.  If a patient needs assistance in going to the bathroom they may have to wait awhile.  Like I mentioned before there are in house doctors’ but that does not mean that they are there everyday.  A doctor at a long term nursing home will usually have a rotating schedule and come in to monitor their patients a few times during the week. Much of the patient’s care is managed by nursing staff, dieticians, and therapist.

A residential care home takes place in a caregiver’s home.  It is a residential home that has been modified to suit the needs of patients with various health concerns.  For example a residential care home is required to have ADA accessible showers to accommodate someone who is in a wheel chair.  There are also rails that are set up along the hallways for any seniors who need assistance with walking.  Residential care homes are operated by individuals with some sort of medical background and have previously worked in the medical setting.  These are the basic services that seniors are offered at a residential care home 24 hour supervision and care, transportation and scheduling to doctor’s appointments, medication management, meal prep, and assistance with bathing.  Residential care homes vary in size, cost, supplies, and extra activities that are offered.

If you or someone you know is curious and considering a residential care home contact Ku’unani De Monte at Caregiver’s Heart Hawaii 808-425-5101 or by email kuunani@caregivershearthawaii.com