Social Worker of the Year

2020 Social Worker of the Year Award

At Caregiver’s Heart Hawaiʻi the roots of our company are grounded in Social Work. Our owner Kuʻunani De Monte has a background in social work and weaves her treasured experience as a social worker, a one-on-one care and family-centered approach, into the work we do everyday.

In March, we honor Hawaiʻi’s social workers who give from their heart and dedicates their lives to serving those around them. This year, share your aloha for an exceptional social worker in your life by nominating them for the first annual Social Worker of the Year Award.

This award recognizes Social Workers in Hawaiʻi who go above and beyond for the community and people they serve daily. To nominate a coworker, fill out the nomination form at the link below.

Nomination Requirements

To qualify for this award, nominees must:

  • Be a Social Worker in the state of Hawaii
  • Be a Social Worker still actively working in the field not retired
  • Be a Social Worker working in Mental Health, Geriatrics, Health, or Child/family
  • Have worked as a social worker for 2 years or more


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