Medication Management


I remember when I had to care for my grandfather who just came home from an open heart surgery.  I began to feel cross eyed after scanning through his medication list.  It didn’t help that the names of his medications seemed like foreign language to me, I was nervous and knew that I needed help with managing his medications for the day.  It is not unusual for a senior to have more than 1 medication daily.  An article that I read in reported that the elderly make up over 1/3 of prescription medication consumption in the U.S., and one half of seniors have 3 medications or more to take daily.

For a number of patients miss management of medications can lead to harmful consequences.   In other cases seniors have suffered adverse reactions to medications such as disorientation, poor balance, memory loss, chronic boredom, depression, shaky hands, poor balance and mood swings.  For patients with Dementia who tend to wander and have insomnia medications can assist in calming and helping patients to sleep better.  It is important for seniors to be capable of managing their medications or have someone that could help them.  If you know any seniors that are living alone and are not able to manage their meds independently, contact Caregiver’s Heart Hawaii 808-425-5101.  At Caregiver’s Heart Hawaii we can talk with patients or their families about services that are offered at a care home such as  medication management.  Medication management might seem like an unlikely reason to seek out residential care home services, but the truth is that seniors do need help with managing meds correctly so that they can stay healthy.