Grandparents Month with Caregiver’s Heart Hawaii

By Kuʻunani De Monte

For the month of September, Caregiver’s Heart Hawaii is teaming up with the Hawaiʻi’s Plantation Village to celebrate Grandparent’s Month, with a special celebration of Grandparent’s Day on September 8, 2019. 

For Grandparent’s Month, the staff at Caregiver’s Heart Hawaii is reading short story books about dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease to young children in classrooms across Oahu. Through these stories we start discussions on what dementia is and what it looks like from a kids perspective when they see it in grandparents and other elders in their lives. 

By engaging in meaningful discussions with keiki, we help to remind children the values of respect and honor for our kupuna because if it wasn’t for them we would not be here today doing what we are doing. 

To learn more about the Caregiver’s Heart Hawaii events happening through out September to celebrate grandparents, give us a call at (808) 425-5101.