Giving Thanks

By Kuʻunani De Monte

As we gather with family and friends over the next few days, we are reminded of all the things we are thankful for in life.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we want to take this moment to give our mahalo. Thank you to all of our families, patients, caregivers, and team members both past and present. Each one of you have touched our hearts and together we will continue to work to find peace of mind for our seniors, one kupuna at a time.


Since we started this company three years, Caregiver’s Heart Hawaii has helped hundreds of families find placement for their loved ones. Over the past year alone, we have worked with over 70 families from the east side of Oʻahu all the way to Kapolei, each with a different story and individual challenges that we help to navigate through. For us, the greatest reward from this work is knowing you were able to help with a successful placement and find a happy, comfortable care home for your senior.


Happy Thanksgiving!

Kuʻunani & Mike De Monte