Getting Over the Hump Wednesday

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Ever since I was a kid my dad was a strong believer in exercise and eating right.  In fact my dad was the first one to take me on a 3 mile run around Alamoana Beach Park when I was 10 years old.  My dad is 68 years old and he looks great for his age.  No one really believes me when I tell them his true age.  This brings up the topic of getting enough exercise in the senior years.

An article by NHS choices reported that the average 65 year old spends 10 hours or more per day sitting or lying down.  It is assumed that long periods of sitting can slow metabolism, which alters the bodies natural ability to normalize blood sugar, blood pressure and burn body fat.  In the long term may lead to weaker muscles and bones.  The NHS Choices mentioned a study that was done that included 800,000 participants.  The study noted that people that sat the longest had 112% increase in diabetes, 147% increase in cardiovascular episodes, 90% increase in cardiovascular related death, and 49% increase in death from any cause.   The same 65 and over age group are at high risk for heart disease, falls, obesity, and premature death compared to other age groups.

Physical activity may be the key to preventing major health issues later in life and helps anyone to maintain an independent lifestyle.  The amount of time that a person should spend on physical activity per week is ad least 150 minutes of moderate activity.  It is recommended that you do activities that will raise your heart rate such as fast walking, riding a bike, tennis, or pushing a lawn mower.  In addition try targeting activities that work your muscles such as heavy gardening or weight training.  Most of all do activities that you generally like and are interested in.  If you stick to activities you like chances are you will probably do it again, and will make it part of your weekly routine.