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Finding Your Care Home

Finding Your Care Home By Kuʻunani De Monte Do you need a care home?   Deciding whether a care home […]

Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks By Kuʻunani De Monte As we gather with family and friends over the next few days, we are […]

Long-Term Care Policy

Long term care policy It’s official! I got my Long-Term Care Policy handbook in the mail.  While meeting with our […]

What is Mesothelioma?

What Is Mesothelioma? Mesothelioma develops slowly but then spreads quickly. Effective treatment of this disease depends on early screening and […]

Dementia Vs. Alzheimer’s

Dementia Vs. Alzheimer’s It seems that I keep hearing of more and more seniors who are diagnosed with Dementia or […]

Do Not Rely on Social Security

Do Not Rely on Social Security Planning for retirement is not something that most young adults think about.  Many individuals […]

Food for Thought Sunday

I always thought that most people do not live past the age of 85 years old, until I worked with […]

Food for thought Sunday

Every Sunday my family and I try to take a break from our daily activities and just relax, I call […]

Medication Management

I remember when I had to care for my grandfather who just came home from an open heart surgery.  I […]

Blogging for Seniors

Finally took a leap of faith to blog something.  My blog post will mostly having to pertain to senior citizens.  […]