Access to Medical Care on Oahu

Beautiful Hawaii

This is only one of the scenic areas on the island of Oahu.  Although Oahu is the island with the most city life atmosphere compared to other islands in the Hawaiian chain.  Oahu has it’s own beauty and is still rich in Hawaiian culture and aloha spirit.  This is expressed deeply in the people who live here.  What I like about living on Oahu is that I can live out in the country and drive to the city when ever I want.  For those that feel like Oahu is just not country enough they move to another island.  Some just like the slower pace and open spaces that the outer islands can offer.  Some of my own relatives have retired and moved over to other islands.  However, they do end up coming back to Oahu even if it’s just for a quick doctor’s visit.

For many years Oahu is the island that has the most access to advance medical care particularly for the elderly population.  I remember when my elderly grandparents who lived on the Big Island flew to Oahu every couple months to do check ups with their specialist at Queens hospital.  This is the case for many people that live on the outer islands and need to see a specialist.  However, in recent years more development has been happening on the outter islands, and residents are beginning to gain access to advance medical care.

This is true even for care home placement.  Although there are residential care homes on other islands not much is available.  I am hoping that in the near future more and more experienced medical professionals will think about opening more care homes on outer islands.