Married Couples Fight To Stay Together


I just came back from California and while I was there I attended a beautiful wedding.  Everyone could tell that the couple getting married were so much in love and ready to start their new journey in life together.  They both promised to make the other person’s happiness first priority in their lives.  It reminded me of my own wedding vows when I promised to be there in sickness and in health until death we would part.  But what if even before death you were separated from your spouse? This is what happened to Elaine and Noboru Kawamoto this past year.

A Hawaii couple Noboru Kawamoto 95  and Elaine Kawamoto 89 have been married for 68 years.  About 2 years ago Noboru’s health began to decline and he needed to be placed in a Foster Care Home settting.  A Foster care home is licensed to have 3 patients’, of the 3 patients’ 2 vacancies are for Medicaid recipients’ and 1 is for a private pay patient.  Since the Kawamotos would have been private pay patients’ there would have only been 1 slot available for admission at any Foster home.  The couples son has been a big support fighting through litigation to get his parents to stay together at the same Foster home.  Recently the Kawamotos’ wish was granted.  The court made an exception on their behalf to allow both couples to reside in the same Foster home.

On occasion I will receive referrals for couples who want to be placed in the same care home.  Currently couples may be placed at the same care home if their is availability for a male and female.  Foster placement can be difficult for couples unless they are both Medicaid recipients.  For more questions like these about couple placement in residential care homes contact me at 808-425-5101 or